Committed to Being a Leader in Environmental Sustainability in Western New York

The electrical construction industry is one of the largest contributors to energy efficiency (or inefficiency) in the world. It is also an industry with physical labor and great technical skill (blue collar).

At CIR we recognize the importance of maintaining environmentally sustainable practices in our business and in our daily lives. Without them, we cannot ensure the viability of the environment and its resources for future generations.

CIR is committed to taking a leadership role on environmental sustainability in the Western New York community. Down in the trenches every day, we pledge to lead by example by making incremental changes to reduce our own carbon and ecological footprints, and we pledge to lead the community to a more sustainable future by using our expertise to help our customers reduce their environmental impacts as well.

As an electrical contractor, CIR is able to effect substantial positive change on the Western New York region with regard to energy efficiency and consumption, which benefits both the environment and the local economy.

To accomplish this we strive to continuously educate our employees and keep abreast of the latest technologies for increased energy efficiency and on-site energy generation. We will also pursue partnerships with industry organizations and local businesses that can help us to provide additional energy related services to our customers.

Furthermore, we will keep our customers informed of the latest energy-related technologies, practices and issues to enable them to make more sustainable energy-related choices.